Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today has been a good day. My dh finally heard back from an important job interview. However, they did not offer him a job which is okay but they did want to know if he was still interested in the job. We will hopefully know if he has a job in a couple weeks. This prospect frustrates me greatly. I am getting ready to graduate in December and I can't decide on where and when to apply for jobs or graduate. My entire future basically depends on this job. I do have plans for both ways ... if we end up having to move or if we stay where we are. I am really tired and have a lot of homework to do the next few days. On Saturday, I start volunteering at the hospital which should be a lot of fun. Then, on Sunday I volunteer with an agent at the extension office for a huge event called 2nd Sunday. So, I have a very busy weekend. Besides all the volunteering, I have to clean the house, spend time with my dh and do tons of homework. I am in a Religion course this semester which will ultimately kick my butt. I have a 5-7 page paper due next friday along with literature review for my senior research project. I am such a horrible procrastinator. Today, I feel almost stress free though. My hubby always finds time to cuddle with me and that is probably our most time consuming activity. Hmm... maybe it SHOULD be exercising. I am basically at a standstill on my weight. I would love to at least lose 30 lbs before December. But ... who knows??? ... maybe more if I ever get started losing it! Well... dh is going to blow up if I don't get in there to finish our movie. :)

Quote of the day:

Only the educated are free.
       - Epictetus 


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